Nicolò Castellini

Blog | Nico unlucky and unhappy in Aragon

Hi everyone,
This weekend did not go as I hoped and as I wanted it to go, I was not able to integrate into the circuit and luck did not help me.
Friday's qualifying on the wet track, I was not able to go fast and I also slid off.
In the Saturday race I had some gearbox problems on the sighting lap and I had to change bikes and unfortunately I started last and I also fell but I managed to restart and come in 15th (last).
Sunday I had my own bike but I went very slow and then I had no good result.
I really wanted to end the year well, unfortunately it was not so, and I wanted to say that for me it was a great experience and I would love to be there again next year even if I do not know anything. Because for me to ride a motorcycle is the most beautiful thing and for me this is the best school to be a World Champion.
I want to thank all (Peter, Michaela, Gustl, all mechanics and the rest of the staff) in the event that next year I did not have another chance.
Ciao Nico # 47