Mykyta 'Nick' Kalinin Sachsenring

Blog | Mykyta Kalinin working hard at the Sachsenring


I want to tell you how did I spend Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup event in Sachsenring and stage of the Spanish Championship in Aragon.

Generally I didn't have a good event in Sachsenring. Because of crashes. I didn't get familiar with the track, therefore the first race I used just like a training and didn't get involved in the fight.

But in the second race, I rallied and got involved in the fight with my competitors. Unfortunately, at the end of the race I made a mistake and lost control of the bike. But anyway this race has brought me a lot of exciting fight, adrenaline and experience.

I want to express special thanks to Red Bull team, because in a very short period of time they fixed the bike.

After the event, I had a short practice, riding a supermotard and trained on racing scooter with the champion of Ukraine.

Then, with my team "MotoRRika", I had a race in the Spanish Championship in Aragon, which was considered as training. There I got a lot of positive experience.

Thank to you all, that you are watching out for my news! All the best,