Meikon Kawakami Guadix 2016

Blog | Meikon Kawakami moving from Brazil to Spain

Dear All,

February 4.
I bid farewell from Brazil, moving to Malaga, Spain, my current address. I was welcomed by friend and pilot Nico Ferreira. Nico is helping me a lot to evolve in the sport. I rested a lot, but already with the head in the pre-season training.

February 5.
Early in the morning I made my breakfast and went cycling with Nico. We traveled 50 kilometers by bike. It was good to warm up and already adapting to the place.

February 6 to 10.
Over these days, I trained a lot of mini motard, here in Malaga, both in the rain and with dry track. This helps strengthen my conditioning and positioning on the bike, in addition to giving us references to ride the bike..

February 11 and 12.
I had the first opportunity to train in circuit here in Europe, in Jerez de la Frontera. It was gratifying to spend the day on the track.