Meikon Kawakami

Blog | Meikon Kawakami missing some pace in Germany

Dear All,

At the German GP it was a most difficult weekend.


FP1: I tried to push alone in the beginning but it wasn't a good idea, after I found other riders and I saw that I was using wrong the lines.

FP2: Also I tried push alone to have a rhythm.

Qualifying: I went behind some riders to have some reference but it wasn't like I wanted, I made other lap with others riders but I couldn't improve my lap time and I started p16.

I had a lot problem with fast corners and I lost so much time there.


Race1: It was a little bad start, when I saw the others riders on inside of corner I thought to go outside and try to do make overtake. But wasn't like I thought, one rider crashed and his bike came towards me, I tried to turn away but the bike hit me and I crashed.


I tried to finish the race to get more experience for the second race.


Race2: It was fun at the beginning, I pushed and I could make my best lap time in the second race, but in the final part of race I made some mistakes and I couldn't get any points.


In these weeks I will work a lot on my physical condition to be well mentality for the last races of the year!