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Hi Everyone,

A lot has happened since my last blog, I've had my first Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race of 2019, 2 rounds of the Junior World Championship, my first half of final exams and I've been on holiday to Morocco!


My first round at Jerez to kick off the 2019 season had it's highs and lows. To start, I finally got a decent qualifying with 8th position. I know I say how important qualifying is on the majority of my blogs and I'm happy to say I've had a decent qualifying!


In Race 1 I had a perfect first lap and hooked on the back of the front group and I was running comfortably in 5th position. However I made a jump start meaning I had to do a ride through on the 3rd lap. At the time I was so upset with myself because I had such a good opportunity to run at the front.


I rejoined in 19th and got my head down and made my way up to 11th. My pace throughout the race wasn't far off the leaders so from a performance point of view I was really happy.


In Race 2 I made sure I didn't jump start again and the first few laps were a bit messy but I was in a battle of 7 riders for 4th position. It was an extremely fun race to be in because we were fighting throughout the whole race.
On the last sector of the last lap I was in 4th but a mistake on the exit of the last corner cost me 4 places on the drag to the line. I finished in 8th which is still a career best for me but I know I can do better.


The week after I had a week full of exams for school. I'm still working hard in school and studying has taken up a lot of my time recently but I'm still able to fit everything in.

Then I went to Le Mans for the French GP to race in the Junior World Championship.


All weekend I was making great progress and I'm learning more and more every time I'm riding so I'm feeling great for Mugello!

Then the weekend after I went of holiday to Morocco with my sponsor, Motor Sports Travel.


I had a great time soaking up the new culture and different weather. It was also great to relax with all the exams and race weekends going on.

I feel great for Mugello and I can't wait to ride my bike again!

See you soon,