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Blog | Max Cook motocrossing for the first time

Hi Everyone,

February and March has been a really busy time for me. I've been cycling, supermoto and I did motorcross for the first time! I have been training hard and I feel really confident and excited for the start of the season.

In early February I went training in Spain with Dani Ribalta and ex rookie Xavi Artigas. It was really good because it was my first experience long distance cycling and I got to ride flat track in the afternoon. It was a great few days and I was feeling happy with my performance.


Then 2 weeks later I went back to Spain and did a similar training camp but this time it was with the Junior Talent Team. I pushed myself really hard. For 3 days we did a long cycle in the morning and then motorcross in the afternoon. I had never done motorcross before so it was a whole different way of riding to what I'm used to.


Since then, I've been riding 1-2 times a week at the local go kart circuits. I recently got a 450cc supermoto which is a lot better because I used to ride a 150cc which isn't fast enough for me!

That's all for now! Thank you and I'll see you in Jerez.