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Blog | Max Cook Battling through to the front in Austria

Hi everyone,

Since my last blog I have been to Austria, the home of Red Bull and KTM, to race at the Red Bull Ring!

On the lead up to the weekend I was really looking forward to going to Austria for the first time and ride the track.


Also I was feeling really confident because the Red Bull Ring has many heavy braking points, which is my strong point, so I had a feeling that this would be a great weekend!

Friday was a great learning day for me because in FP1 I learnt the circuit in the dry and in FP2 & qualifying I learnt the bike and the circuit in heavy rain!


It was the first time for me to ride my KTM Moto3 in the rain and I actually really enjoyed it! Although I finished 17th on the grid I know I had the pace in the wet but I just couldn't put it altogether.

Race 1 would've been the best race of my career, until I crashed on the final lap. It was a dry race and I was starting in 17th and I knew I had work to do.


The whole race I was battling through the field and I managed to get up to the front group which was my target.


I got up to 8th place but on the final lap. Into turn 4 I ran in to the back of 2 riders and it that incident I caught my neck on the riders rear tyre. I was lucky to come away from that with a grazed neck and some ligament damage to my right knee.

However, this meant I was declared unfit for Race 2 on Sunday! I was very disappointed to miss out on the second race because I really wanted to show everyone what I can do but it was the right choice to sit out.


On the way back home my dad and I stopped of at Hangar 7 in Salzburg, which holds all of Dietrich Mateschitz's personal collection of motorcycles, cars and planes! It was by far the best museum I've been to!


This weekend is the British GP where I'll be racing in the British Talent Cup. I can't wait and then I'll see you in Misano!