Matthias Meggle

Blog | Matthias Meggle faster but falling in Assen

Hey everybody,

The last race weekend in Assen, the Netherlands, was a very busy one for me because it was in the middle of my final exams in school. On Thursday before the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday after the weekend I wrote my final exams.

The weekend itself went quite good in general but unfortunately I made mistakes in the races.

On Friday in the dry it went well and I got 9th in the Qualifying.

The first race in difficult conditions was really great because I could go with the leading group and battled for a podium position. But then I crashed when I was in 4th position. Luckily I could rejoin the race and I finished in 10th position.

The second race in wet conditions was more difficult for me, but my pace was not bad and I was in 7th position until I crashed out of the race again.

Altogether my speed was very good but I didn't get the result out of it. Nevertheless I am happy with the progress I have made from Jerez to Assen and now I am really looking forward to my home race in front of all the German fans on the Sachsenring.

See you,

Matthias Meggle