Matteo Patacca

Blog | Matteo Patacca from riches to rags and back to riches again

Hello everyone,

It's Matteo Patacca here and I want to tell you about these two weekends of fire that I had.

Firstly I was travelling to the Italian GP in Mugello with the Red Bull Rookies Cup and just as everyone could imagine.

I was so excited to be in my hometown and riding my KTM in front of a large crowd that could support me.
I was in the stars, but maybe the expectations were so high and moreover the stress was high too. So for the race I hadn't a good start and I battled for the points zone until the chequered flag where I finished seventeenth!

I was angry with myself and moving on to Barcelona with my father helped me to reflect on everything that went wrong and having a check to take good things also from negative moments. So I went into the ETC weekend only with the idea to make my race and do the best!

I think that from Thursday to Sunday it was the best weekend that I had with my team SIC58. I took the pole position and the first position in the race, making my best overtake of my career, like Valentino in 2009, at the last corner of the same track.

Also it was great fun to fight with another five riders for the victory. Now I'm leading the championship there and I'm very happy for this.

I would to thanks everyone of the Red Bull Rookies Cup team because they helped me after the race when I was sad and also my father for giving me these opportunities!

See you in Assen (Netherlands) on the first of July!