Matteo Patacca

Blog | Matteo Patacca missing his Rookies Cup KTM RC 250 R

Hello everyone, It is Matteo Patacca here!

I miss everyone and is very hard to describe this second part of this year, but I try to give a resumé of everything that has given to me some thing unforgettable and something from what I could take lessons.

Obviously i started the year with a lot of adrenaline in my body and also in my mind and how you could see, I tried to learn everything that was possible, lap by lap, track by track, but when I found good feelings with my bike, something went wrong and before Assen I broke my shoulder.


Then in Sachsenring, when I was not with all my power, an highside threw me in the air and I broke my arm. so I had to stop my riding up until now. The injury was bigger then we thought and I don't want to take more risk, because falling for a second time there could be very dangerous for my health!

In this time that I have had to stay at home I continue with my training more and more for all the of other parts of the body and especially on my mind, because is not easy to stay at home and see your friends ride where you should be! (Especially in Misano, where I met them because it is my home GP and it was both a pleasure and also a pain to see all the circus!! Sigh!)


But also with all these unlucky events, i want to thank all the Red Bull Team for the support and everyone that help me to improve my skills in this year.

I want to come back stronger and especially I want to be back as soon as possible!!

See you sooner that you think!!