Matteo Patacca

Blog | Matteo Patacca and something unforgettable

Hi everyone!

Two weeks ago I started my first season in Red Bull Rookies Cup and I can't forget any single moment of the first whole weekend.

I came very excited after the previous weekend in Valencia were I won race 2 of ETC with the Sic58 team.

I took the lead of the championship, fighting with other competitive guys for the victory.

In Jerez, I found some of them and was very beautiful to talk with them about how we were happy to start a new adventure and comparing the feeling about every aspect of the race, starting with the track, passing to the temperature until the great feelings of the race.

I had some problems in the first race, because I took a ride through after a jump start that forced me to push harder that I expected, but it taught me were I have to improve.

Race 2 permitted me to compare my riding in a great battle with another ten riders and with some overtaking I could finished in 9th position.

At the end, what I think, is that every race is the best way to improve myself as a rider and as a man so every race is a lesson!

I want to thank everyone that helped me to get these results.

I'll wait you in the next round, in my hometown, Italy, for the Mugello Grand Prix!

See you! Enjoy,

MP 88