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Hello everyone!

The pre-season started and I am training hard to get to the best at the beginning of the season. This year will be a fantastic year because I participate in two beautiful championships. I am training very nearly seven days a week and I am very satisfied with the improvements.

I do 6/7 workouts per week.
In a complete week I do 3 workouts in the gym, 2 running on foot and 1/2 mountain biking and 1 workout with the Super Motard.


Working out in the gym:
Like I said before I do 3 weekly workouts. In These workouts practical much cardiac training with Cyclet and Tapirulan, and also practical many isometrics and exercises of muscular endurance. In this part of the season I am working to also increase my weight since I am very light.

Training with Super Motard:
I have a Husqvarna 450 cc 2018...... with this bike I have a lot of fun, because it has a lot of power. I usually go out, Once a week.

This training I need to reinforce my various parts of the body and to strengthen the heartbeat, also when you do the drift helps you to control the bike that goes under the understeer.


Running training:
I really like to go running. I practice the ride about 2 times a week. I really like running in a group or even with my dad.

I'm not a professional runner but I don't run bad at all. The race is for a possible wind down after a workout in the gym and also to strengthen the heartbeat.

Chat again soon,