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Blog | Matteo Bertelle recovered from Mugello and ready for Assen

Hi everyone,

Listening to Dani's preciuos advice at Mugello


At Mugello with Miguel Oliveira

Mugello was a beautiful and very hard-fought race and I was able to stay with the leading group for the most of the time, then I fell, and it was very unfortunate because I could do a really good race.


About the accident I wanna spend few words to thank Schuberth and Alpinestars, their technology and products kept me safe and sound. Thanks a lot!


I also wanna thank the I-Tech medical division that helped me to recover in record time.

At mugello with I-tech Diathermy, the device that help me to recover after the mugello accident

To get ready to race in Barcelona in the third and fourth stages of the FIM CEV Repsol with my team Sic 58 Squadra Corse.

Checking lap times with Fabio Balducci and Federico "Frigno" Fergnani

I am happy about the Montmeló experience. I started well in both of the races even though I really suffered from some shoulder pain due to the consequence of Mugello accident. After the Catalunya GP I took some days of rest to be at 100% for the next Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race in Assen.


I had to slow down with my usual exercise program to improve my shoulder condition and to let the therapies work, but I can't wait to go back to some motocross and bike training, it help a lot both physically and mentally.

Anyway there's no time to complain, fingers crossed and total focus on the next Assen weekend.

Keeping you guys updated from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup box

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Checking my blog with Frigno

I'll keep you posted,

Have fun,