Matteo Bertelle

Blog | Matteo Bertelle recovered and ready to go

Hi everyone, here's some update.

I was training very hard at the gym, with the bike and sometimes with the supermoto until I was forced to stop because I broke my wrist.


I get the chance to compete in a cyclocross bike competition where my only thought was to see the finish line. It was exhausting but definitely worth it.


I'm also happy to announce that I'm part of the Talenti Azzurri project that gives me the chance to train and compete working with all the federation technicians.


The first "Collegiate" took place in Ortona, a wonderful experience, and I really wanna thank very much both the federation and all the technicians for the great support.


About my wrist I'm very close to a full recovery so no worries. I always try to train as much as I can and I'm also focused on school.

I hope the fracture passes soon so that I can get back to running at full throttle and also train to try to recover as soon as possible. I can't wait to get to start with this season's tests in Portugal.

I'll Keep you posted

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