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Blog | Matteo Bertelle ready for Misano

Dear All,

The last days were really busy, I keep on working very hard on improving my shape both mentally and physically.

Me and my dad training with mountain bike on the hills close to our home

I went biking with my dad in the hills around our home, and as usual it was a very enjoyable training.

Me checking my new website

I also defined the last details about my website, so, now you can find out something more about me. If you want to take a look that's the link Let me know what you think about it.

Me and Fede "Frigno" after a meeting with the H222 media team

We also work to a little funny surprise with Frigno. More details soon?

I-Tech party

I got the chance to attend the I-Tech party, not just a sponsor, but one of my real supporters, and I had a real good time.

Me and Philipp Oettl

Now I really can't wait for Misano, the Circuit is very interesting especially when after the second sector's long straight you find a very tight turn to right and you have to go full gas!

Este, my hometown, just moments before leaving for Misano

I wanna end this article with few words to thank my family, my sponsors and my supporters. Without you guys nothing of this could be possible.

With my Custom Ape Car

I'll keep you posted,

Have fun,