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Blog | Matteo Bertelle all ready for a big effort in the coming races

Hi everyone,

Finally the race week is back, this time we will be in Austria for the next round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup at the Red Bull Ring.

During the break I was able to rethink about the wonderful experiences lived so far. The best race was certainly the Barcelona one where despite the broken shoulder I managed to finish seventeenth starting from the bottom. The most hard fought race instead was definitely Aragon. Although nothing will ever beat the emotions of the podium at the first race even though it must be admitted that I also had some luck.

Work papers

But now it's time to look forward, I can't wait to get back on track, I finally recovered my shoulder and I'm ready for a second part of the season at the top.

Training at the gym with my Personal trainer Filiberto

So it is time to get back even though I have to say that this break was at the right time.

Every moment is good to take care of my shoulder

I had time to recover my shoulder and to spend some quality time with my family to recharge my mentally and physically to face this second part of the season at my best.

The rhythms during the week race are quite tight, we arrive on Thursday afternoon, we retrieve the various passes and study the track walking on it. Friday we begin to familiarise with the free tests.


Friday, on the other hand, it's time to get serious, with two QP and then Saturday and Sunday, depending on the circuit, we race.

Frigno always taking a good care of me

The feeling is fantastic and having the chance to see the motogp live and share the emotions with the great champions is truly a priceless experience.


I can't thank enough my family, the sponsors and all the friends who have always supported me and who continue to believe in this dream.


I also wanna to tell you about the part of this experience that you can't see. In this season I race in two different championships, the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and the CEV.


The races are not just getting on the bike and run, that is definitely the most adrenaline-filled part but there is a lot of hard work before.


In my case gym with a personalised training thanks to my athletic trainer Filiberto, a series of virtual reality training.


Then mountain bike in the paths that fortunately I have close to home, some karting challenges with friends and then motard and motocross to keep the feeling with the bike, although surely these are completely different experiences compared to the bikes I use during the races.

Have Fun,

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