Martin Vugrinec

Blog | Martin Vugrinec working hard all the way through Aragon

Hi everyone!

The season of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and my first MotoGP season came to its end. Only participating in all of it is my dream come true. Another step I crossed to my final goal that is MotoGP.

The season was more or less successful, despite the bad luck that followed me the entire year, from race to race I was getting better and more satisfied. The results started coming.

In the end I won 13 for me big points and a 21st place in general. If I had just a bit more luck, the result would be different. It was at the same time the worst and the best season in my life. By the trainers, mechanics and other people in the Red Bull team I learnt more about races, riding, professionalism and everything connected to racing on the highest level.

When I came into Rookies Cup I was one type of rider and now in the end of the season I am completely different rider. I improved a lot, as a rider and as a sportsman.

It was a big honour and pleasure to be part of such a big team.

I would like to say thank you to all of people that I worked with and who helped me this season: my mechanics Rene, Santi and Xavi, trainers Gustl and Dani and a special thank you to my dad.

Thank You to the rest of the crew as well.

See You soon, in MotoGP or on some other races...

Best Regards. Martin Vugrinec