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Blog | Martin Vugrinec with two strong rides at Silverstone

Hi Guys!

I've just got back from Silverstone where we had 9th and 10th round of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. This was the best weekend for me this season because of multiple reasons, so let me tell you a bit more about how I experienced the BritishGP.

My first contact with the track was on first free session, and that didn't work out quite well because I ended this session just 5-6 six laps after I started it. And no I didn't crash, it was a technical failure, not a big one but it was enough to kick me out of first session and I was not so happy about it.

Considering I missed the most of the first session I had to learn the track quickly so I decided to go behind some guys. That actually worked out quite well so I was able to get faster from lap to lap.

On qualification I also took a group to make a good grid position for the next two races. I found a good feeling and the rhythm so I was in mood to make a god lap time, and I did, I managed to do the 17th grid position.

I did the first race well, but not as I expected. I made a few little mistakes in first two laps and the group I wanted to fight in made a gap I couldn't close. But I didn't finish the race peacefully, in Rookies Cup is all about the battle between each other. The good thing is that I finished at the top of my group for the first time this season finishing in 13th position taking three points with me. That makes me very happy!

The second race was something completely different. Although I have experience in rain conditions, I don't really like to ride on a wet track. I was a bit nervous before the race but my father gave me an advice that was my cynosure through the race. He said: "Just find your rhythm, be always sure that you are safe from the crash and the result will come by itself, they will crash a lot..."

And that was exactly what happened. I was doing my rhythm and increasing it during the race while other guys were pushing their limits until they ended their race in the gravel. What doesn't mean I was slow, I safely took 12th position just 0.058 behind Di Giannantonio. I also made the 4th fastest lap of the race. That also makes me very happy!

Another good thing is that I had a chance to meet and talk with my favourite Moto2 rider Johan Zarco who gave me some advice and wished me luck, very nice guy!

I am going home happy and satisfied with 10 points in my pocket. See You all in Misano.

Best Regards.

Martin Vugrinec #44