Blog | Martin Vugrinec thrilled even with a very difficult first test

Hello everyone!

A lot of impressions, emotions, people and things in just three days of testing for this year's Red Bull Moto Rookies Cup. It's hard to stay indifferent when you experience something you have dream about before year ago.

A lot of new things to learn. Jerez is a world class circuit, one of the best in which I have ridden. It is not an easy track and I have to do many laps to be fast there.

Then the bike. The KTM RC 250 R. I just couldn't believe that the bike with only 70 kilos can be so fast and aggressive. It was really a pleasure to ride it for the first time, but it also takes time to get know it because it is completely different to every bike I have ridden

The Dunlop tires were also one of the unknowns because they react differently on opening the throttle than the tires I was riding with since now. It takes time to get familiar with all of those things, but I'm sure that the KTM and I will do great after first few races.

My impressions about the Cup and my competition, I can just say that this is what every rider needs if he wants to improve. In the garage everything is so professional and there my father Ivica helps me a lot. He is really giving his best and I am grateful for that.

One of the people that helped me a lot, except my dad is Mr. August Auinger and I want to thank him for cheering me up when I was moody.

Unfortunately, not everything was great. I had a really bad highside in turn number 3 in which I injured my both hands and I was completely powerless on breaking, which is why I had to brake earlier and longer. When I came back home, I found that I broke a bone. Because of that I had three more crashes, exactly on breaking points.

All guys have improved when I was struggling with my hand, pushing me down into lower half of a lap time results. This is the reason why I am not 100 percent happy with the test, but I learn not to go "head through the wall", but step by step.

I made a mistake because I wanted too much, too early, but I'm sure it won't happen again. A month will be just enough time to get well and back to shape.

I am really looking forward to the first race, but until then, best regards,

Martin #44