Martin Vugrinec

Blog | Martin Vugrinec scoring points despite injury at the Sachsenring

Hi Guys!

Behind me are the 5th and the 6th race of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. This was my first time on the Sachsenring and I really liked it, it's probably my favourite track. I'm starting to feel better and better as a Rookie, I feel some kind of team connection. I am most grateful to Xanti, a master for the suspension as well as my mechanic Rene which had a lot of work with me this weekend and of course to my father Ivica who is with me no matter what happens.

On this occasion, we hosted Mr. Igor Žmavc, who is representative of my very important sponsor Unior tools as well as their partner Comet d.o.o.

I did not do so well in qualifying, but the good thing is that I reduced the gap to the leading guys for by seconds in comparison with the Assen. The first race ended on the second lap, I just wanted too much, I got from the 20th to the 9th position but then had a nasty high side in which I broke my pinkie finger on a right hand. I was lucky that I had a Rossi's physiotherapist to fix me for the next race. Haha.

But after that first race, I was sitting in the Red Bull Energy station not thinking about anything, I was just sitting disappointed and a little depressed, but then I got excellent advice from Mr. Peter Clifford and I listened to him, I really enjoyed riding and that brought me 14th place and my first two Rookies points.

This blog is a little bit late because I was pretty busy after Sachsenring. Considering we were going to the Germany with a van, we stopped in Brno and I did 250 kilometres of training with a broken finger. Because of it I had to break my finger again in the hospital and was forced to take a small vacation.

Of course, we took the bandage down two weeks before we should to do one more training on Brno with my Suzuki 600. I won there in the class 600/750 organised by a German promoter.

I am really looking forward to the Brno and I can't wait for the second part of a season.

See you all there,