Martin Vugrinec picking up some trophies

Blog | Martin Vugrinec picking up some trophies

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago I was on an award ceremony for the best national motorcycle riders for 2014. In this season I participate in two classes, 125SP and 600 SBKS. Everything was going well, but then I had a very bad crash in the Alpe Adria championship in Hungary where I injured my right knee. It cost me two races in each class and in the end a whole championship.

I won the second place in 125 and third in 600. I am not satisfied with the final result and I think that the championship should have ended differently. Sufficient proof for that is the fact that I won first place, pole position and best lap time in all other races.

Regards my preparations for the next season I can only say that I almost have no free time. Of course I always think about Rookies Cup, but I also study very hard, work out in gym and cycle a lot. Every day I feel stronger, more prepared and better...
. effort is rewarded, it is half of school year now and I got the best marks...

I wish a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!!

That is all for now. See you soon!