Blog | Martin Vugrinec overcoming sickness and getting back into action

Hello everyone!

A lot of new things happened since my last blog.

About a week ago I got the helmets with which I will ride in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup this season. It's a Shoe X-Spirit II. It is the helmet which I wanted the most and I'm really happy for riding with exactly this helmet. Mr. Damir Vadlja who is the owner of AMD motooprema (the man on the picture next to me) helped me a lot to get SHOEI helmets and I am very grateful for that. The helmets are going on paint job soon, so they will be ready for test in Jerez.

Until few days ago, at my place was still winter and snow so I couldn't ride a motorcycle, but we spent that time in making my bike, Suzuki GSXR 600 ready for training. My dad and I were in Hungary at Mr. Csaba and his company Prop Thech for adjustment and putting the quick shifter on my bike. It was great and I learn a lot about electronics and how it works.

When we finally get the bike it was the time to try it on the track. But unfortunately I got flu so I needed to stay in bad for five long days. I felt terrible because I knew I should now riding a bike and not being in bed, but I had to get well.

When I was finally healthy and ready we went to the Grobnik racetrack and I've done my first training with the motorcycle this year. During two days of training I drove over 100 laps and got the feeling for speed and riding back, so I think I'm ready for the test.

My friend and expert for the Öhlins suspension Mr. Marko Slavić from Lutec racing has adjust the suspensions so that I could ride faster and safer. It was great, honestly, I couldn't wait to jump on the motorcycle and I've been training for that all the time.

I am full of adrenaline and I'm counting seconds to Jerez. See you all there.

Best Regards.