Ivica and Martin Vugrinec

Blog | Martin Vugrinec getting his own bike and testing around Europe

Hi everyone!

I had a really great time since my last blog. So let's get started. Considering I have never ridden a Moto3 bike before the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and it is not enough time to learn the bike. More than a month ago we started an action to buy me a training bike. By collecting money from normal people, my fans and my dad's friends we managed to collect necessary money for my new motorcycle.

In this manner I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me. Of course, the biggest player in this game is my dad Ivica who did the best he could to get this bike for me.

But the real journey starts here. Our friend, Petar Obilić, my dad and I went in Barcelona for the motorcycle with a van. We were driving about 25 hours. Most of that time I slept :D.

After we picked up the bike we went to see the Circuit of Barcelona. Unfortunately I couldn't ride there because everything was setting up for MotoGP. However I walked the track and I really like it. We also did the photo shooting for our sponsors Unikomerce- Dunlop and Unior tools there.

After the Catalunya we drove 300 km further to Motorland Aragon. It is one of the best tracks I ever rode on, maybe the best. It was also the first chance to try my new bike. I like to call it "The Space machine".

After Spain, we went to training in Assen. I had just three 15 minutes trainings because we were riding as part of some German championship. I was participating in the 250GP/Moto3 race as a guest. I also won that race. I had a chance to ride on rainy Assen and I didn't like it so much.

This weekend I have a sponsorship presentation – "Shoei Day". I will hang out with representatives of my two sponsors: Unior tools and Shoei helmets and also my fans there.

With this event I will finish my twelve daily adventures in which I traveled more than 10,000km with the van. I was riding in opposite sides of Europe (Aragon and Assen) , visited Catalunya at the time of MotoGP and had a great fun.

I can't wait for race in Assen! See you soon,