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Blog | Martin Vugrinec with fans, friends and points in Brno

Hi everyone!

The fourth Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup round ended two days ago. I have to admit that I was missing the entire MotoGP atmosphere during the summer "break". This was the closest race to Croatia so it makes it my home race. A lot of people I know from this region came to watch and support me.

The people from Croatian Motorcycle Union (HMS) led by Mr. Papec visited us as well. Of course, I really enjoyed my brothers company on this race, I believe he did too because his wish to be with me on a MotoGP race came true.

The heat during the whole was almost unbearable, but I liked it more than the rain which was predicted.

Considering I have practiced and preparing in Brno for this race, I was pretty unsatisfied with the results in Friday. Although I was faster from lap to lap, it just wasn't enough to get a starting position I wanted and this is somewhere between 13th and 18th position.

I really don't know what was wrong because I was giving my best. Until now, I was always riding trainings free and qualifications by myself because I was the one who was setting the time, but right now I think I will have to change it and start riding in a group. In
that way you can learn and come to better positions faster.

On Saturday, I had a pretty good fight in my group, from the start to the finish, we were overtaking each other all time, it was really amazing and I enjoyed a lot. Brno is the one of the widest tracks in the MotoGP calendar so it makes plenty of opportunities for overtaking which offers a real spectacle for the crowd.

I finished as 19th just half a motorcycle behind 18th position. One of the things that were motivating me for the next race was a desire for a revenge.

Sunday worked out in a much more positive way. We also had a really good fight, but this time with more riders. We were fighting for the 13th position and I, as always, wanted to get to the top of the group. The last two laps were one of the most intense in my life. When I tried to take the 13th position in the last lap, my rear wheel lost the grip what almost result a crash, I honestly don't know how I stayed on the bike. And when I was trying to save my life, two riders overtook me. I manage to get back past one of them in the last corner, but I didn't have enough time for the other one.

If nothing else, at least I revenged for that half of a motorcycle from yesterday. I'm a little sad that I didn't manage to take the three points what I was aiming for, but better 15th place and another GP point than a crash in the last lap.

After not the best Friday and a little better Saturday, I'm coming home positive and satisfied with what I did. The next GP is in two weeks in Silverstone. That track is completely unknown for me, but I will give my best as I always do. Until then...

All the best,

Martin # 44