Martin Gbelec

Blog | Martin learning at Misano and winning at the Slovakiaring

Hi everybody,

This week we were racing in Italy in Misano. It was a really nice and fast track. On Thursday we had only briefing. On Friday it was rainy so I wasn’t very happy. The first training was to learn how to ride in Misano on a wet track. It was quite hard but only one rider crashed.

The second training wasn’t so good because so many riders crashed. I crashed too.

Qualification was bad for me because on my fastest lap I crashed and I finished only in 21st position. In qualification many other riders crashed too. The grip was really a big problem for all.

Masia and Binder couldn’t race, so on Saturday I started from 19th place. I had quite good start and I stayed in 19th position. After 3 laps I overtook a rider so I was 18th. About 6 laps to go Aris crashed, but he picked the motorbike up really fast so he was about 3 seconds in front of me. Two laps to go I tried to overtook him, but I did a mistake so I was behind him again. In last lap I overtook him so I finished in 17th position. I was very happy, because I had really good lap times. My lap time was 11th best and 0.1 behind 10th.

After the Misano race we went to the Slovakiaring for the Alpe Adria Championship, where I started from last place on grid. It was a wet race and I had really good start and in the first corner I was in second position. After a safe opening laps I started to push and I won the race easily.

Martin #13