Blog | Martin Gbelec quick in Misano

Hello everybody,

Last week we were in Misano. I like track so I was looking forward to this race. On Friday my results were good and my feeling on bike too.

In free trainings I was on 9th place and in qualification I finished on 7th place, it was my best result in qualification so I hoped race will be good too.

On Saturday we had a race. On start I had problem with clutch and I fell about 6 positions down. I was trying to climb up again, but I stopped in 8th position.

Then about 6th laps to go, I slowed down about 0.5s on lap, because the clutch didn't work well.

Riders behind me caught me. In a fight I was pushed out of the track and I finished in 11th position.

I am looking forward to last race in Aragon and I hope that I will have more luck there.

Martin #13