Martin Gbelec

Blog | Martin Gbelec not having much luck with his racing before Assen

Hello everybody,

This month was really bad for me. First I had race on the Panoninaring. I won all trainings and I won qualification too. The first race was easy and I won it also, but the second race was bad. On the sighting lap I had some problem and after 4 laps something broke and motorbike stopped.

On 12th June I had the next race of the IDM at the Nürburgring. Immediately I had problems, I couldn't ride first training, because I wasn't registered (we had paid registration for the whole year).

Second training and first qualifying I missed, because I had technical problems. In the second qualifying, I rode 3 laps and then I crashed, because there was something on the track. Then I went to hospital again.

But now it is everything OK and I hope it will all get better in Assen and I will fight for a great result.

Martin #13