Martin Gbelec

Blog | Martin Gbelec learning the hard way in Assen

Hello everybody,

The Assen race weekend was quite hard for me because I had a crash in first training, but it was in the last minute so it wasn't so bad. I had a crash in second training too, because I touched with other rider that slowed down in front of me.

Qualification wasn't so bad and I finished in 14th position. The first race wasn't so bad also, but I had problems in the first laps and I had to catch other riders and that was hard for me. And in the last lap while I was fighting for 10th place I touched with another rider and I crashed again.

The second race was a bit worse. I had really bad first laps and I had to catch up so much. After everything got better I started to go faster and faster. And in last lap I caught Patrick and Walid and I overtook them and finished in 11th place.

Next week I have the IDM championship so I will try to improve my first laps and get better.

Martin #13