Martin Gbelec

Blog | Martin Gbelec at home in Brno and in the points

Hello everybody,

This weekend we were in Brno. It was my home GP, but I didn't train a lot there, but I was really looking forward to this race.

For the first training the mechanics changed something in the engine so we rode 4 laps on 10.000 RPM. We had problems with settings so we tried to improve it. In second training it was better and I finished on 8th place.

Then we tried to do the next step in qualification, but it was worse and I finished 12th.

In the first race I touched with other rider and I lost 5 positions. Then I got in a group that was fighting for 10th place and I finished 14th.

The second race was better, from the start it was good till the 3rd corner, because one rider was long there and I was on the outside, so I have to slow down. In this race I had bigger problems with the front wheel so I wasn't fast enough to fight for a better position and I finished 11th.


It was quite good weekend, but results weren't so good. I hope in Silverstone all will get better and I will finish there on better position.

Martin #13