Blog | Martin Gbelec happy with the Jerez test and a couple of days by the sea

Hello everybody,

This month we were testing in Jerez. It was really good preparation for the season. It was quite hard for me from start, because it was first time that I rode on a street bike this year, but I think it was good. I was getting better everyday. All tests we were improving the setting.

Tests started on Monday, we were only getting clothes and we had some briefings, it was relaxed. On Tuesday we started with testing. I didn't feel well on the bike so we started to improve my setting. On Wednesday, the bike seemed good. But all changed in last training. My motorbike was moving a lot, so we had to change setting again.

On Thursday, we had something like a relaxing day, we had only photo shooting and briefings.

On Friday, there was the final day. In the first training, it was a cold track and cold tires, so the bike was moving a lot. In the second training, I had some problems with brakes, so it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad. And in the end there was race simulation.

It wasn't so bad because I rode in a fast group but in the 9th lap my chain broke, so I had to go out of the track. After this we went to Malaga. We were there for two nights, it was really good because I went to Sea life and my father reserved a boat trip on the sea. It was really good and relaxing after this good test.

I enjoyed the teamwork with mechanics and rider coaches, it was really good, because I didn't crash, so nobody was angry.

It was really good week, I found some new friends and I am really looking forward to race in Jerez.

Martin #13