Martin enjoying Christmas with family and friends

Blog | Martin enjoying Christmas with family and friends

Hello everybody,

I didn't have so much free time in the last weeks, because I had lots to do in my school, but now it is the start of the holidays so I will have some free time. In this time I am going to ride a motocross bike, it is still not snowing here, and I am going to go running too. It's a good time to increase my fitness performance.

I am also enjoying the Christmas holidays, we decorated our Christmas tree. The best of Christmas is, that all our family comes to us, and we celebrate Christmas together. I also have time with friends as you can see from the photo I am hanging out with Aneta Simonová, Jirka Mrkývka, Davča Kubáň and Lukáš Simon.

I would like to thank all Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup team for their work with me, for their patience with my person and support in last season.

I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all, many points and minimum crashes to my competitors.

Martin #13