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Hi everyone,

I'm going to tell you of my experience in Spielberg's races.


In FP1, I began eagerly. From the beginning, I liked the circuit and I was so comfortable with the bike. Little by little, I could improve the times and I finished 3rd.


In FP2, I was alone, and I did a good time but, I ran out of the track, I was penalised with a lost lap. Later, in order to try to get a better time, I made a mistake and I fell. Finally, I finished 5th because I only completed six laps.


At first, in the Qualifying, there was a very large group and it was difficult to make a clear lap. I was losing a lot of time, they stopped, I continued, I was able to ride at my own pace and, in the last lap, I finished in 2nd position.


In the first race, I was strongly motivated, but I moved too fast making a false start and I had to do a ride through. At the end, I achieved a good pace accompanied by Carlos Tatay, I could overcome several positions and I finished 15th.


In the second race, I got a good start and I maintained in the top five for a large part of the race.


With five laps to go, I tried to stay among the top three, but, in the last lap, I was 4th, after several touches between pilots, I ran off the track again.


Finally, I finished 20th.


Kind regards to all.

See you in Misano!!