Marcos Uriarte

Blog | Marcos Uriarte training hard for the last three races

Hi, everybody!

I've been training a lot these weeks, it has been very long. I was really looking forward to the next weekend.

On weekdays, I go to run each day. Later, I go to the gym and there, I spend two hours. I like the gym very much, it helps me improve myself and I work a lot with the balance.


In the afternoons, I train with the moto twice a week and with the bike three times. When I go with the moto, I do motocross on a circuit near my house and I run 4 sessions of 20 minutes each one. When I go with the bike, I train with a friend with my mountain bike and we spend three hours.

On weekends, I practice Supermotard or motocross. If I do Supermotard, I go to Kotarr circuit in Burgos (Spain). One of my favourite things about Supermotard is skidding, I enjoy it a lot.


If I do motocross, I go to Quintana María which is also in Burgos. It has a sand circuit much fun and fast, there I run Saturday and Sunday, all two days. The thing I love most about motocross is jumping and the bankings of the bends.

Chat soon,