Marcos Uriarte

Blog | Marcos Uriarte a sweet and sour weekend

Hi, everybody!!

I am going to tell you my feelings from Mugello's race.

I have waited eagerly for this day, to arrive in Mugello and ride the bike.

We arrived on Thursday and took a walk on the circuit. I liked it very much; it is a circuit with high-speed corners and with many ups and downs. During the walk, I took notes on the circuit plan not to have surprises in the FP1.


Friday came and I was a little nervous. In the FP1 I felt comfortable with the bike and with the circuit. Finally, I finished fourth.

In the FP2 I improved, I looked better, although I finished fourth again.


When the time came for qualifying I started very well, in the early laps I was even first but, finally, I didn't manage the session well and I didn't get to stay in the front positions. At the end, I finished eighth.

Saturday was the day of the race; I was focused and knew that I had to make a good start.


In the first lap, I got to be first. Several laps later, Baltus and me bothered each other and Tatay totally escaped from us.


During the race, I was between second and eighth positions.


It was hard to pass on the straights, but I had a lot of fun. In the last lap, Bertelle fell down in front of me, I tried to pass him, but I could not do it and I also fell down.


It was a shame, because I would have liked to finish in podium positions. At least, I tried to fight until the end.
Now I will train a lot in order to arrive well in Assen.


See you soon!!!