Marcos Uriarte

Blog | Marcos Uriarte - One step further in Misano

Hi, everybody!!!

I would like to talk to you about my race in Misano, in which I have made a step further.


In FP1, I began eagerly. I wanted to do as many laps as possible to understand the limit and the amount of grip of the track. From the beginning I was so comfortable with the bike in the track, little by little, I improved my times and I finished in 4th position.


In FP2, I felt better with the bike and, in the last lap, I did my fastest time and I finished 6th. The session was very hard fought with five riders with differences of less than one tenth of a second.

Later, I didn't do the Qualifying right. I found it difficult to concentrate and go faster. In the last lap, I managed the 10th position.

For the race I knew that I had to move forward as fast as I could to catch up with the leading group as soon as possible.


In the first lap, I almost fell down in Turn 2 and I lost some places.


Bit by bit, I gained positions, I did the fastest lap and I reached to the leading group.


The last laps were a little harder to me because I didn't manage good the principle of the race and finally, I finished 5th.

See you in Motorland Aragón,