Marcos Uriarte

Blog | Marcos Uriarte not getting all he wanted from Aragón 1

Hi everyone!!

I'm going to tell you how I did in the race in Motorland.


In the Free Practice I didn't feel so very good but little by little I got better and, in the Chrono, I didn't manage sufficiently to get a good result.


In the first race, I wasn't very comfortable and I have been able to achieve a desired result but I improved a little.

In the second race, I connected with the bike and I improved, the only thing that I got a bad start and I stayed behind.


This weekend I have not achieved the expected results, but in the second race we have found the confidence I still missed. Now, it's time to focus on steaming forward since the first lap of the FP1, going concentrated and fight with the front group to give my best version, thank to my helper and the group Red Bull Rookies Cup's mechanics.

Greetings to all.