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Blog | Marcos Uriarte - My best weekend

Hi, everybody!

Now, I'm going to tell you my last race of the season, which was in Motorland Aragón, Spain.

In FP1, I started out very motivated in order to adapt to the track. From the beginning, I had a good feeling with the bike and the track. Lap after lap, I improved my times and I finished 3rd.


In FP2, it was very windy, I started alone to see if I could do good laps. The wind blew so hard that my laps were one second slower. In the last minutes, I caught up with a group of riders and I finished 5th.


In the Chrono, the wind had not abated, so, I shortened the development not to waste time on the straights. I knew that, if I wanted to make a good time, I had to use slipstreams. I went out onto the track and I put me the last of the group, I was able to overtake to the riders using slipstreams and, finally, I took pole position.


In the first race, I got a good start, and, from the beginning, I tried to breakaway, but I couldn't do it. With seven laps to go, I was 7th and, quickly, I was 1st.


With five laps to go, I tried to escape again, but I made a mistake and I fell down. I didn't expect it, because I felt very strong, but it made me think.


In the second race, in the first five laps, I was calm, controlling the race. I started to pick up and, with seven laps to go, I tried to be among the top five.


In the last turn of the last lap, I was 3rd using the outside of the track. I overtook Billy and I was 2nd behind Acosta, then, in turn 12, I overtook him.


When I was coming out of the last chicane, I made a mistake, Salvador took advantage of my slipstream and he overtook me.


I finished 2nd, 16 thousandths later than Salvador, but because I ran off the track I was penalised, and I came in third place.


See you soon!