Marcos Uriarte

Blog | Marcos Uriarte learning from mistakes in Assen

Hi everybody!!!

I'm going to tell you my race in Assen.

In FP1, it was very difficult for me to adapt to the bike and to the track, because it is a very fast and bumpy track. I had many movements in the bike, and I finished eighth.


In FP2 I was more comfortable with the track and I adapted better to the bike's movements. Little by little, I improved, and I finished fifth.

In the chrono, I lacked a little rhythm. I started good but I lost some places and I finished eighth.

In the first race, I had to do a good start in order to improve places and I did. During the race, I always was in the top five. It was a fun race, but it was very hot this day. With five laps to go, the rear wheel slid slightly on the 5th curve. The head of the race escaped a little bit, and to achieve them, I shortened the last chicane. I got to reach to the leading group, and I finished third. At the end, they punished me, and I placed fourth.


In the second race, I did again a good start and, in the first lap, I was first. During the race, I was too in the top five. With five laps to go, the leading group overtook me in the last lap, they kicked me out of the track and I again shortened the last chicane. I let them overtake me and I went from 4th to 8th position. I made up positions, and in the last lap, I was fifth. I was well positioned, and I knew where I could overtake. Finally, I had to do a long lap and I finished eighth.


It was a pity, because I did a good work this weekend, but due to my mistakes, I did not get better results. I will continue to learn, and I will be very careful to not to make the same mistakes.

See you in Sachsenring.