Marcos Uriarte

Blog | Marcos Uriarte - I'm getting ready for Spielberg

Hi everyone,

Today, I would like to tell you as I am training physically and mentally for the next race in Spielberg (Austria).

On weekdays, in the morning, I go to the gym. There, I work my physique and, specially, the balance. Also, it helps me improve myself and it's so fun too.


In the afternoon, I go to train on my bike in order to boost my physical and mental endurance. I practice biking on road and in the mountain. I like cycling to train because I keep a steady pace. It's more fun to me mountain bike because I go with my uncle and my cousin and we are very competitive between us.


When the weather conditions are right, I do motocross. Now, I have a 125cc bike which it's very funny. This bike demands me more and I can go to more great circuits.

At the weekend, I go to train by bike. I practice Supermotard with an RMU 80cc in Karting, where I practice the technique. Also, I enjoy a lot with my friends.

See you in Spielberg!!