Marcos Uriarte

Blog | Marcos Uriarte at the front but not yet on the podium

Hi everyone!!

I'm going to talk about my race in Sachsenring.


I was very keen on testing the circuit. At the beginning, in the FP1, it was hard to get adapted to the track because I was a little bit lost. It is a very fast circuit and it has blind curves, so it took me a while to take reference points. At the end, I achieved feeling more comfortable with the circuit and I finished 5th.


In the FP2, I felt better with the bike and with the track. I found good reference points and I finished third. At the end of the round, it was a little harder for me because of lack of grip.


In the Qualifying I started very fast, I managed to have a good lap and finished 6th. Also, I had a lack of grip. I had to think how to manage it in the race.


In the first race, I got a good start and I was confident in the first laps, but I didn't know how to manage the tyre wear.


It was a little harder at turns 4, 5, 6 and 7 where the top group were moving away from me. Finally, I finished 7th.


In the second race, I also started well, I was in the top group in the first laps. During the race, I was really focused on the tyres to avoid repeating the same mistakes of the previous race.


But I had problems with changing gears, I was losing positions and I finished 10th.

I hope to improve the results in Spielberg, I'll be working hard to do just that. See you soon!!