Marc Garcia

Blog | Marc Garcia with a double podium at the Sachsenring

Hi Everyone,

I arrived at Sachsenring very happy because in the two previous races I made a good race and was confident enough that I would come out well at Sachsenring.

The first free practice is always to bring you some of the sensations of the bike and the circuit, I suits me quite fast already that the previous year already had raced in the circuit. I felt pretty comfortable on the bike and finished the first training with a 5 position.

Qualifying is one of the more difficult sessions for me, because usually I don't qualify well and give myself a lot of work in the races, then it is difficult to make a good race. I know that if I don't qualify in the first two rows it could be a very bad race.

I started qualifying badly and couldn't get a good time as often I seemed to be lapping on my own. But in last lap training I did my fastest lap and managed 5th position.

The first race had as objective to make a first podium of the year, I knew I could do a podium because I was quite prepared and psyched to make a podium. I went out to the race eager and highly-motivated in order to meet that objective.

On the second lap of the race, there was a pilot who fell before me and I had to run off the track, this delayed me by 3 seconds to the lead group. I took risks each lap to catch them, at each turn I cut back the gap to them. Finally I managed to get to the first group and finished the race in P3.

Second race was even more motivated because I managed a podium in the first race in Sachsenring. But I made a bad start and the other riders in front got away. As I was fighting in the second group I could see the leaders escaping, but I fought bac and managed to finish the race with a 2nd position.

I'm very happy of my record in the Championship, started in 10 position and am now in the top 3 of the Championship :).

In the coming week we will run in a circuit that I like very much and where last year I showed that I could be in the lead group, finishing in 5 position.

This year I will fight for the first position in Brno.

Keep Working...