Manuel González Sachsenring

Blog | Manuel González recovering and learning at the Sachsenring

Hi all,

How are you? I'll talk about the races at Sachsenring.

The feelings were not so good, it was hard for me to learn the circuit, because I was not 100% ready for the race and I also had a small injury in one finger from my crash in Assen Race 2. Since Assen I hadn't ridden any bike and I could not do almost any exercise because I had my arm in plaster for 3 weeks before this race.

I started free practice motivated because I was eager to get back to the bike, but this track is difficult to learn the good lines for the first time. I did not feel comfortable with the bike and I still don't know very well why. Still, I worked hard and I've learned more things about the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and about me

The two races were funny because we were in a big group and there was a lot of overtaking, that is the way I like to race. From these races you learn a lot because you learn to fight in a group and to be aggressive.

Now, I´m training hard to arrive in Austria at 100% again. A new circuit for all the riders. It is a good opportunity for me.

See you in the track! Thanks all for your support