Manuel González Jerez Test

Blog | Manuel González busy on two bikes

Hi friends, how are you?

I want to talk you about two intense weeks I spent on motorbikes.

First it was the test in Jerez of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. Some incredible days, I enjoyed a lot my first ride with the KTM and the RBR staff. I was impressed by the professionalism and how well this championship is built.

I felt very comfortable with the engine and suspension technicals. I get along very well with them and you see that they know the KTM in detail, anything that I told them to improve, they do "click-click" and the bike improves! With my helper, Felix Garrido, we made a good team.

I like very much the KTM Moto3! I adapted very fast and I think that I already ride quite fast, but I know that I can go even faster. I want to ride it again!

On Monday we came from the test in Jerez (raining, I love to ride in wet track) and on Thursday I was already with the FTR Honda of my team Ms Halcourier, to do the first race of the CEV in Albacete.

I had to adapt quickly to a completely different motorbike, but a rider has to know how to do it. Also, I like to ride all possible bikes and the FTR also works well.

In the race I did a good job, from Thursday I worked hard with my team to set the bike ready in suspension and gearbox for good lap-times.

The qualifying was a little hard, but I got the 3rd position, front row.

Later, in the race I tried to follow the rider on pole, but it was impossible, I had to take many risks, possible fall, and I decided to keep the second position and concentrate on keep a good rhythm, to keep the distance with the chasing group.

Finally I got a 2nd place and the podium, in my first race of the year.

The next race of the CEV is going to be in Jerez on 15th May, there we are going to work to try to win. But before, the 24th April, we have the great event in Jerez with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

A hug to all.