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Hello everyone!

The summer break comes to its end and already we have 7&8 rounds of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup!

After racing weekend in Sachsenring, and after long time being in Europe I went to my home in Russia, Saint-Petersburg, to meet my friends, to prepare documentation for Rookies Cup round in Great Britain. I had a meeting in Tsarskoselskiy Techno-Park (motoschool) in my home town, where I started to ride a motocross bike 7 years ago!

I was speaking with small children, who are just starting their careers! Also I was invited to our national radio station (Avtoradio)! All in all it was a lot of fun, but of course I didn't forget about the training! Furthermore I took part in 4th and 5th rounds of Russian Supermoto and MiniMotard Championships! And after gaining the victory on 6th round of Russian Supermoto Championship I became the Champion of Russia in Supermoto 2015!

But first, few words about every stage.

The 4th round took place in karting circuit "Firsanovka", near Moscow. The weather was nice, and I was enjoying a lot, putting fast laps and improving! I took 1st place in Supermoto and 2nd place in MiniMotard, having a great battle again with Vladimir Leonov (Motorcycle Endurance World Championship rider). I couldn't show my best, because we had problems with rear tyre.

Photo Kostya Myatlev

The 5th round took place in Ryazan', 150 kilometers from Moscow, on Atron International Circuit. It is a completely new track, that has a very interesting configuration with a lot of different turns! It was a great pleasure to ride there all the weekend! Overall 1st place in Supermoto category and in MiniMotard, too!

After those races I went back to Europe, to train more and to prepare for Brno! I had some nice training with Oscar Gutierrez on pitbikes. Also we spent one day on the beach swimming and riding a jetski, which I think I will remembered for all my life!

Just for 2 days I went home, to my city, Saint-Petersburg, where on 8th of August was 6th round of Russian Supermoto and MiniMotard Championships. The track was very special, with really fast corners, long straights and a bit bumpy asphalt. In addition to it we had 2 dirt sections in Supermoto category, which were pretty tricky and slippery, because all was covered with grass. Overall I finished in 1st position in MiniMotard and 2nd in Supermoto!

Photo Kostya Myatlev

There is still one round more in September, but I have enough points to say that I am Russian Supermoto Champion 2015!!! I am really happy to take the title in my home city, Saint-Petersburg, because my relatives and friends came to support me! Surely I enjoyed the weekend!

Now it is time to focus on Brno! Cannot wait to ride my KTM over Czech hills!
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