Makar Yurchenko

Blog | Makar learnt a lot in Jerez | 2014

Hi Everyone,

Finally first round, first race in Jerez finished! It was a tough weekend for me! I am going to tell you a bit how it was.

On Friday I had some problems with suspension in free practices, in qualifying it was better and finally I made 21st position for the starting grid for the races.

On Saturday there was a first race. Bad luck for me. Missed the start, then, on the first lap in Dry Sack I took neutral instead first gear (stupid mistake), two riders passed me, and then I collided with Martin Gbelec. For me it was OK, I lost some time, but didn't crash, but Martin did.

So these mistakes, and everybody is far away in front of me. I did the whole race alone. And disappointed. Finished 18th.

On Sunday it took us a lot of time to get to the circuit because of crazy amount of fans in Jerez!

The second race was much more better for me. Did a good start, and then the whole race we were battling with Martin Gbelec, but this time no colliding! At the end we caught up to Robert Schotman, who was far in front during all the race. So I improved my time and enjoyed the race! Especially I liked two fast corners (11,12) before start straight, which I was struggling a lot all the time before.

Also, for my mate, and a very good and friendly boy, Hanro Van Rooyen it was not a weekend that he wanted, that he expected. I just want to say some supporting words.

Thanks everybody! See you in Mugello! It will be my first round there, really waiting for it!