Makar Yurchenko

Blog | Makar having a great time at Aragon

Hello everybody!

I have just arrived home after Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup three days test in Aragon. It was wonderful experience, and it is wonderful to participate in it.

I want to thank everybody who took part in the organisation of this event; Peter, Wiebke, Berta; KTM; Alpinestars; IPONE; Red Bull; photographers and operators; coaches: Dani and Gustl, they told me a lot of useful things and were helping me during all the days; mechanics: of course Alex Battle, and all other mechanics, especially Francesco Julia; my father as a helper, because he did a new kind of work for him, and all other mechanical helpers.

Plus of course all the riders, which are the fastest and the most talented riders in the world, and which are making this Rookies Cup, and the happiest thing is that I am a part of all this!

See u all in Jerez, at the first race! Can't wait to ride there!

Thanks everyone!

Makar Yurchenko #76