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Blog | Lyvann going away head high

Hello friends,

Here comes full circle as we say in French, I proved my worth when I knew the track and I think I finally showed who was "little Lewis". I predicted that this weekend would be mine and I will not give up with my best result of the season a P14 although, paradoxically, I preferred my P20 where my times have improved nearly 3 seconds compared with the first run organized by the Red Bull on the famous Aragon circuit.

Unfortunately, I had an awakening too late and although I received congratulations from all my peers and even this was not enough to convince this wonderful organisation that is the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, so I will not be on this blog next year you can follow me on my athlete page Lyvann Luchel.

I would very much like to thank all my SHARK partners, FFM, the motorcyclist league of Martinique, The CIP, IPONE oils, the Regional Council of Martinique, the DJSCS, Of course my father and uncle who supported and trusted me until the end, as well as the whole team Red Bull in particular coaches Dani, Gustl (my friend) my mechanic Victor, Alex (the head), Xavier, Santi and the leaders for giving me my chance.

Thanks to this experience of the series of a very high level, my determination is multiplied by 10 to return to MotoGP, for indeed I was there, the first colored driver in speed, I've already realized half of my dream and I'm only 13 years old. Objective 2O17 being in MotoGP.

Thank you, my fans around the world (even in Africa I am being followed ... lol), I gave my best but that is not enough for the high level, we must give more and I assure you that right now as we speak I have the bit between my teeth and I am already looking forward to what will be proposed to me in the future, next time I go in the start of a race, it will be to win it.

I wish the best to all pilots of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2014 and all their helper mechanics, the atmosphere was really good and I expect you all on vacation in Martinique, no circuit, but the beach and the mountains.

I embrace you all and look forward to seeing you on new adventures.

Little Lewis is not going to let off