Lyvann Luchel in Mugello

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Hello everyone and thank you for your encouragement,

Back in my island of Martinique (French Caribbean). I come back from the second round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup at the beautiful Mugello circuit in Italy that I discovered.

My mechanic and the head of my White Power suspension settings have changed my bike following my feedback about the race at Jerez. I had new sensations from the first practice without worry about the time and learning the magnificent hilly road with its straight line that never ends.

In practice 2, it rains and I was out for the first time in the rain with the moto3. I am cautious but feel very good. I do not want to fall because many of my friends are already on the ground. My father, who is my helper mechanic, asks me to push a little, there is just 3 minutes of time left, just enough to do a timed lap and I managed to gain three seconds. We are happy and hope the rain will fall for qualifying because I've never been so well positioned.

In qualifying, it stopped raining but the track is wet. I feel good and improve myself at the same time as lap by lap the track is changing as she begin to dry. Yet, I see P16 during the first chicane; I am very, very slow maybe because many have fallen. I want to keep the opportunity of this position and decided to attack and the famous chicane, and then suddenly I flight, I fly, but without my bike and fall hard on my right side.

I want to thank my helmet Shark which is split but protected me. A small trip to the clinic, but I refuse to stay even though I have a headache.

When comes the race, I'm leaving from P 20 because the others did not wait for me in qualifying and improved their times. I start, I want to fight but suddenly my whole right side hurts, I can't hold my head, I have the impression that my helmet weighs 5 pounds. I see all my friends go from impossible to beat me to me following them.

I finish 18th because there were some who had fallen. This is my best results, but I am a little disappointed and hope to do better next time.

Thanks to your encouragement, thank you for continuing to support me and remember that I love you.

PS: the Italian public is great. I signed autographs ... too great :-)