Lorenzo Fellon

Blog | Lorenzo Fellon racing in Barcelona

Hello there!

I'm back from Barcelona where I raced in the European Talent Cup. I really love this track and I was happy to come back to it.

On Thursday, I readapted quickly to my Honda after the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race in Mugello the week before. It was a really positive day for us, we've worked with old tires for the race pace and it was really good. At the end of the day, we've put new tires to make a good lap time.


We tried some new things on the bike on Friday during the FP1 as the bike had already a very good base. I was really happy about the work done because the small things we've improved on the bike gave me a lot of confidence. In FP2, I made a race simulation. I started with new tires and I made really fast lap times, 0.5 faster than last year's pole position, and I was really constant during the simulation so we were really happy about the job done on Friday and we were ready for the qualifying sessions.

We had two qualifying sessions on Friday, one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. In the European Talent Cup, we can only use two sets of new tires. We decided to put both of them in the morning because in the afternoon the track was to hot and there was less grip. In the morning I finished in 3rd position of my group and 6th overall. In the afternoon, I finished 2nd of my group but nobody improved their lap times from the morning so I started 6th on the grid.


In the warm-up, I started with old tires and with a big group to get the feeling back and to be prepared for a big battle during the race. I finished 5th overall in the warm-up session and we were ready for the race.

In the race, I made quite a good start, I didn't lost positions on the first corner but during the first lap one rider touched me and I lost three positions. Two guys in front broke away and we were four riders battling during the whole race for the 3rd position. I enjoyed a lot the battle with them. Like in Mugello, I started the last lap as the leader of the group but with the long straight and the slipstreams the three guys behind me overtook me. I finally finished 6th.

I was a little bit disappointed with this result because I made the same mistake than in Mugello and we missed the podium once again.

I want to say thank you to my sponsors and team for this really positive weekend and now I'm focusing for the next race of the European Talent Cup in Aragon.

Thank you,