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Hi everyone!

Pre-season has already started and I train very hard to be ready for this year.

This year will probably be amazing and she already bring me a lot of changes. First of all I'm now doing home schooling so I have a lot more time for myself to prepare this season.

I use to train on bikes but physically too, as much time as possible. Last year I was training 3 times a week physically and 2 days on the bike but since the beginning of 2019 I train everyday physically and on the bike to be fit and to have the better feeling as possible.

In my first blog I will introduce you to a part of my winter training, the supermoto part.


I ride a lot with my 250cc supermoto and my favourite time is when we go to ride at the Motorland Aragon karting circuit. The track is so beautiful there and you can work a lot on your riding style with some fast and also slow corners.

It's important to ride on different tracks, I use to ride on my karting circuit in the south of France but the weather at the moment don't let us ride.


I always ride with my old friend Hugo De Cancellis who is riding in WSSP300 and we always some great battles and funny moment together. I think that it's important to train with fast riders to help each other being better.
Sharing a part of my life and my training is a pleasure, I need to go back on my bike I already miss her but I see you next week for a new part of my winter training.

Chat soon,